Beffrey & Jungle

Chicken Rapture

Chicken Rapture

Our second mix made from entirely self-composed material. Pretty much everything at 105 BPM with varying degrees of light and shade, from the divine to the monstrous.

The title came from the idea we had about placing speakers in the trees in Jungle’s garden and playing heavenly trumpet sounds through them. The plan being to convince the neighbours in the immediate vicinity that The Rapture had come.

In this case though, it’s The Rapture but with chickens, all ascending to meet their God, One-Eyed Jeff.

Little is actually known about One-Eyed Jeff. The only thing we do know about him is the small amount of information we can glean from an anonymous quote:

“If it hadn’t been for One-Eyed Jeff,
I’d be married, I wouldn’t be deaf.”

The exact circumstances of this situation remain unknown. All we know is that there was going to be a marriage, One-Eyed Jeff stopped it somehow, and the bride or groom was rendered deaf as a result of his intervention.

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