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Chocolate Hostage

Chocolate Hostage

The result of two weekends spent mainly laughing at poo. An 84 BPM Hip hop mix, featuring ‘Unemployed Welshmen’ from Blue Jam by Chris Morris, Paddy Considine and Shane Meadows discussing poo euphemisms and scratching aplenty.

We had a live webcam broadcast on the 2nd session during which, while we were having some computer problems, we were texted some sound advice from my mate Heavy Chris to ‘turn it off and on again’. We did and it worked! Cheers Chris! 🙂

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  • Brian Eno – Slow Water
  • TM Juke feat Alice Russell & Jim Oxborough – Knee Deep
  • Quantic – Infinite Regression
  • Freddie Cruger feat Linn – Pretty Little Thing
  • Fink – Good Day For Hippos
  • Natural Self feat Abdominal – Breathe Deep
  • Bonobo feat Bajka – Nightlite
  • Clifford Gilberto – Soulbath
  • DJ Vadim – Aural Prostitution (DJ Cam Remix)
  • London Funk Allstars – Chicago
  • Amon Tobin – Four Ton Mantis (Bonobo Mix)
  • Dirty Diggers feat Nostalgia 77 – So Grown Up
  • Boards Of Canada – Aquarius
  • DJ Cam – Free Your Turntable and Your Scratch Will Follow
  • Quantic – Me Chocolatina
  • Wax Tailor – Que Sera
  • Funky Fresh Few – Clean Up
  • Fingathing – Big Kid
  • Clifford Gilberto – Restless
  • Lovage – Stroker Ace