Beffrey & Jungle

Tears Before Cowboy Time

Tears Before Cowboy Time

This mix was recorded live and probably took the longest time to prepare for (around 2 months!) We had 5 live inputs: turntables, mic, tape deck and 2 computers (one running Acid and the other Sound Forge) with the entire thing ‘sequenced’ on a bit of A4 paper! It took about 15 takes to get it right too!

On the final take though, around 15 minutes from the end, we had a kitchen fire. Our flatmate ran into the room crying that the kitchen was covered in flames. We went downstairs, put the still flaming grill pan out of the door and ran back to the room to carry on. If you listen carefully, there’s a good 5 minutes where nothing happens and it’s just the tune playing (which is quite rare!).

Other than this, the mix went very well: samples were on time (pretty much!) and it felt a shame to have to risk doing it again. The fire happened just before 10 to 10 (Cowboy Time!), hence the name ‘Tears Before Cowboy Time’!

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  • The Herbaliser – Intro
  • Irresistible Force – Nepalese Bliss (Jimpster Mix)
  • Amon Tobin – Melody Infringement
  • Mr Scruff – Shanty Town
  • Mr Scruff – Fish
  • The KLF – America No More (Just The Pipe Band)
  • The Herbaliser – Moon Sequence
  • Nightmares On Wax – Ease Jimi
  • The Herbaliser – Missing Suitcase (remix)
  • Nitin Sawhney – Homelands
  • Beffrey & Jungle – Symphony In Fucked Off Major
  • Avia – All My Jazz
  • Irresistible Force – Fish Dances (Frederic Galliano mix)
  • Up, Bustle and Out – !Aqui No Ma!
  • Funki Porcini – Theme From Sugar Daddy
  • The Herbaliser – Goldrush
  • The Herbaliser – Mr Chombee Has The Flaw
  • Beffrey & Jungle – Symphony In Fucked Off Major
  • Lamb – B line (Herbaliser remix)
  • The Herbaliser – Sensual Woman

Featuring the voices of:
Jungle Jim, Maurice Norris (formerly known as DJ Pigeon), Big Daddy Stu, Pete, Dutch Phil, Ben, Azma, Aisling, Jo, The Flying Corbett Brothers, Craig, Ray, Lilly, Heli, Jim’s Dad