Beffrey & Jungle

Yoghurt Weaver

Yoghurt Weaver

In places, this is probably the most twisted, unpleasant mix we’ve done. The original mix was done by Jungle Jim and then overdubbed by the both of us in one session.

A lot of the spoken stuff that’s featured on this mix was originally recorded for a dark comedy / sketch show we wrote called Shy Talk (much in the style of Blue Jam by Chris Morris) back in 1998. It never got used in the end as the radio station we were going to appear on (Storm FM, a local student radio station for Bangor, North Wales) never actually got a licence. We still have all the original material though. We actually have the finished shows too and will probably upload them at some point.

We’ve also started working on a video for this mix. It’s quite an ambitious project though, so it’s doubtful there’ll be anything finished until 2009. **EDIT** Yeah, this never actually got finished!

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  • The Orb – Majestic (Millwall Mix)
  • Biosphere – As The Sun Kissed The Horizon
  • Biosphere – Poa Alpina
  • Biosphere – Heatleak
  • Biosphere – Dissolving Clouds
  • Philip Glass – Akhnaten Prelude
  • Biosphere – The Things I Tell You
  • Brian Eno – Discrete Music
  • Unknown
  • Biosphere – Times When I Know You’ll Be Sad
  • Unknown
  • Biosphere – Hyperborea
  • Unknown
  • Biosphere – Translation
  • Holst – Venus
  • The Orb – A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld: Live Mix Mk 10
  • Unknown
  • Blockhead – Triptych Pt 1
  • Blockhead – Triptych Pt 2
  • Blockhead – Triptych Pt 3
  • Amorphous Androgynous – The Lovers
  • Brian Eno – Music For Airports 1/1
  • Unknown
  • Biosphere – Le Grand Dóme